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Theme Songs.
DW - Rose Wall
I'm stealing this from FB:
"I've got a fun question, I'm a lover of baseball... batters have their walk up songs / music, if you had a walk up song for you and your dog for rally trials, what would it be??"

Not just for Rally, but any trial. What's your dogs' song(s)?

Vivec would most definitely be "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Valyria, being the queen she is, is "Woman King" by Iron&Wine. Daedra? "Standing Victorious" by X-Ray Dog. Gallifrey.. my amazing guy, he is "Explosive" by Bond.

Trainer Faults
DW - Rose Wall
I'm curious: what is something you are terrible at with every dog you train? We all have our faults, so I am wondering where fellow trainers have issues as well.

I rarely train distance. I know I should, I just never really see a huge need for my dog to be able to sit on command twenty feet away from me. Downing is different (could be used with herding!), but I rarely ever really put effort into distance training. I need to get better about it, I know.

INTERNATINAL DOG-SHOW "Russia 2013". Agility.
At this weekend we visited INTERNATINAL DOG-SHOW "Russia 2013".
In the Crocus Expo were many dogs,their owners, breeders and just audience.
We present to you video about agility competition.

Border collie Dragonfly
My best friend.

Porter's Weaving!
Ok, it's just 6 poles, but with the 2x2 method, once you have 6 you'll have 12 in no time. He already did two sets of 6 in class (separated by maybe 3-5 feet?). But I only have a set of 6 at home.

Woohooo! Thought we'd never get here since I was horrible at practicing at home. Once I did just a few practices here and there his training really took off. It doesn't take much, but sporadic practice in his weekly class just wasn't butting it.

help with contact training...
ein DB

Laurie & Gem
best friends
This is my trainer/boss, Laurie, and her border collie, Gem, competing in Texas this past week/weekend.  They're earning World Team points.  They got 8th overall individual, two 3rds, a 5th, and a 7th.  Holy crap hard courses!

black and white, Tardis, Tennant
What are your tricks and tips for dealing with fearful and unconfident dogs?

I have a new baby dane rescue who is just .... terrified of her own shadow, and I'm researching all the best ways to help her gain confidence in herself. She's young (just under a year) and I'm pretty sure we can bring her out of her shell.

What do you guys like to do for shy/timid/scared dogs?

Voting Tie for Fail Theme Week
best friends
Several of you have not yet voted... Please do so ASAP so I can announce a winner!  We have a tie thus far...

Super Late - Theme Week FAIL Voting!
best friends
I am SO SORRY this is late.  I haven't had time to post, because we moved (again).  But here it is!  Voting will be up until Friday evening.  I really enjoyed these entries.

Comment with the number of the entry you think should win!  Comments will be screened.  Don't vote for your own, of course! :)


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5.   1557301_300

6.   Fail


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